Business Transformation

BT Concept

Be-link is committed to support customer companies on their Business Transformation and change management strategy. Be-link has the aim to align People, Process and Technology initiatives of customers company more closely with their business strategy and vision. Be-link main focus is to support and innovate through new business strategies.
According to Be-link mission: for any transformation of a business or business process, innovation is the key driver; having a strong innovative capacity within the culture of the business is the “make or brake” of a transformation process.
In the Be-link paradigma, business transformation means much more: it implies a holistic process transforming across the business and it is the only valid strategic process towards achieving the corporate vision or way forward of our customers.
Be-link business transformation methodology verifies enabling processes across Key Performances Indicators to monitor you, maintain your customers and outperform your competitors on an ongoing basis.
Enabling Transformational Change
According to Be-link experience, many companies struggle with critical aspects of business process change including:
o Determining what type of transformation is feasible
o Defining and aligning process transformation roles and responsibilities across functions
o Integrating disparate systems in a manner that maximizes automation and efficiency
o Developing processes that deliver consistent performance but also support exception handling
o Defining metrics that can efficiently measure performance before, during and after transformation
We provide business transformation consulting grounded in years of hands-on experience; with our guidance, companies have been able to maximize their business transformation value – from strategy to execution. We’ll bring lessons learned from those engagements to your unique initiative; with our consultancy you can be confident that you’ll have the experience and knowledge to improve operational effectiveness while reducing functional costs.
How we work
We have developed an extremely flexible and effective methodology for rapidly identifying key business issues and implementing changes to the way an organisation works. This methodology has been proven to help our clients improve business performance. Our structured approach has been refined through repeated use in large enterprises across many sectors and incorporates our extensive know-how with cross-industry best practice. It is an approach which can be configured to the unique circumstances of your organisation.
Our consultants work with you throughout the transformation process; they bring over 20 years of international business experience in multiple industries, helping apply the appropriate elements of our methodology to your business situation. We continuously refine and update our inter-related methods, tools, guides and templates through research and learning from our clients’ successes.