Sales Consultancy

Be-link sales consulting philosophy can be condensed in three points:
• Grounded in deep customer insights
• Actionable in the short-term, and building for the long-term
• Integrated execution across the entire business ecosystem
Our Approach: Acquire, grow, & retain customers
We design and execute sales strategies through the analysis of customer experience, connecting products and services, marketing strategies, and channel market levers across the lifecycle to foster stronger customer connection with brands. We don’t make isolated business recommendations; rather we understand the implications of marketing and sales strategy across the business ecosystem and customer lifecycle. We help your company develop a strategic approach to sales, and provide you with the tactical advices for new business development.
Our consultants come from sales backgrounds and understand the importance of building results-oriented sales cultures.
Our Consulting Policy
• We’re long-term: We develop permanent, lasting improvements in your sales strategy.
• We’re comprehensive: We approach with a holistic process aligning every aspect of your sales organization to maximize performances.
• We’re strategic: We provide lasting solutions that improve sales cultures and guide business development tactics.
Our Services:
Our services span four primary areas of expertise:
• Customer Analytics and Insights
mapping the customer’s journey, we observe their behaviors and we segment the market with an eye towards high value or potential; we capture data able to wite a story that allows for insight and action.
• Customer Experience
We help you to deepen your connections with customers through a deeper understanding of your market and customers. Taking a holistic view across all channels, we design new ways to align every part of your business around your customer. Connections between businesses and customers are now more complex and sophisticated than any time in history. To tackle the complexity, businesses are taking more of a customer-centric approach – differentiating themselves through innovation in customer experience.
• Customer Retention and Loyalty
It is our opinion that in today’s hyper-competitive, on-demand marketplace, customer retention and loyalty can no longer be addressed by “one size fits all” programs. We believe that developing relationships with customers begins and ends with providing real, tangible value across the customer journey and delivering an experience that meets individual needs, preferences, and goals. From individual programs to holistic brand strategies, we help you build a framework for fostering behavioral and emotional loyalty to drive deeper engagement with your customers.
• Sales Enablement and Performance
We seek to capitalize on every competitive edge to grow revenue and market share, whether we are in a recessionary downturn or we enjoy an economic updraft. Improving the performance and efficiency of sales teams is the most significant opportunity to capture these. Our team work with you to develop sales strategies and implement analytics, processes, and sales enablement that drive sales revenue, productivity and overall performance.