Digital Health is the convergence of the digital and genomic revolutions with health, healthcare, living, and society. Digital Health is empowering people to better track, manage, and improve their own and their family’s health, live better, more productive lives, and improve society. It’s also helping to reduce inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, improve access, reduce costs, increase quality, and make medicine more personalized and precise. We have a deep knowledge and strategy management experience on:




Better healthcare services via Telemedicine integration. The use of Telemedicine helps in optimizing the resources to increase efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency, reducing hospitalization needs, both in length of stay and offering the ” hospital at home” and “bedless” hospital opportunity. H2H, from hospital to home could generate new revenue streams, helping patients to have a better quality of life.
Remote telemonitoring, is widely used for those affected by chronic conditions and require regular monitoring, consultation and patients, doctors and nurses training.
The “wellness” monitoring, the other side of Telemedicine, helps hospital organizations, insurance companies in offering better services, with “pay the way you live” services, such as 10 years ago “pay the way you drive” changed the shape of vehicle insurance.
Telemedicine is just a part of the medical service and needs to be strictly integrated. We have a deep knowledge of the telemedicine integration processes, based on many success stories of our consultants.
Integration first, then all processes are to be designed with safety, security, resilience and thrust centred, security by design is our motto. Training is the third leg, the Trojan Horse of change management and is a strong part all solutions offered. INTEGRATION, SECURITY and TRAINING, all lessons learned from our experience, are the keys for better healthcare services via Telemedicine

  • Easy access and use
  • Improve patient comfort level
  • International recognition
  • Cost reduction

Second Opinion

Very often the patient, both by himself and via his/her local doctor, looks for confirmation of the initial diagnosis, or to have more options for treatment. But this isn’t always easy and affordable. We help in building a medical network of specialists through a simple, effective and tested software infrastructure, where the patient itself could inquire for a confirmation of the diagnosis or more expertise about his/her disease. The same infrastructure could be used to create a network of external consultants for small hospital, or clinics. We also help in defining agreements with well known overseas Medical Organizations.

  • Easy access and use
  • Greater comfort level for the patient
  • International recognition

Remote Training, Remote CME, eLearning

Training is one of the most delicate topic when you think to a new hospital. You cannot always find resources already with specific experience in working for a hospital. Nurses needs to deal with different tools and equipment, Facilities have to manage systems and logistic and more and more. We can support all of this, with remote training developed in collaboration with an international medical organization with specific experience in this field.

  • Cost effectiveness
  • High flexibility
  • Access to different skills
  • Cheap access to international skills

Wound TeleCare

In the case of problematic wounds frequently affecting the elderly, frail, and non- or poorly-ambulatory patients and those individuals with poor health, telemedicine not only increases access to specialists for patients in rural settings but also facilitates communication in urban settings, reducing costly, emotionally and physically stressful transportation and shortening the time needed for implementation of the management plan with or without surgical intervention. Better care for patients and improved health care depends on the availability of good information, which is accessible when and where it is needed. The development of technology, more specifically the Internet, has expanded the means whereby information can be acquired and transmitted over large distances enabling the concept of telemedicine to become a reality. Wound healing and wound management is thus a prime candidate for telemedicine. Development of a suitable telemedical system in this field has a significant effect on wound care in the community, tertiary referral patterns and hospital admission rates.

  • Healing time reduction up to 50%
  • Better patient quality of life
  • Cost reduction up to 38%
  • Impoved healing rate
  • Shorter healing time
  • Increased skills of the local nurses
  • Less time spent in hospitals, less travel time
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Surgery Touchless System

STS provides the doctor with a new tool to access and control biomedical images in touchless mode. STS is easy to use, it allows optimal use of the operating theater and increases the patient safety.

  • Easy to use
  • Increased safety for the patient
  • Optimise the operating theatre